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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Three Most Important Current SEO Ranking Items

Mobile Friendly

2015 Google’s algorithm changed to require websites to be “mobile friendly”. If the site did not match their requirements, they would be moved to a lower ranking. We are surprised how many websites do not pass the Google mobile test....

Website Speed

July 2015 Speed Matters Google will change the algorithim so speed will be an important part of SEO. There is a speed test site, click here. Enter your domain, select the city closes to you and then click on test....

Reputation Management

Reputation Management is the process of asking your clients to give you feedback for your service, but only directing those who give a 4 or 5 star to share them on your directories. This can be done with a sign...

Organic SEO

Our preference is to build organic SEO, this of course takes a lot of effort and some time.   We are very aware of your goals as a business through internet marketing:

  • Be on top of the search engines.
  • Out wit the crowded digital world
  • Gain quality leads and calls

We craft custom search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns to increase your sites organic rankings, your search engine result placements, and your website conversion rates.

This strategy includes an on site and off site strategy.

On Site

  • Keyword research: We provide ongoing keyword analysis to determine current searches for your market.
  • Page title, description, and meta tag optimization: We optimize your website’s page titles, descriptions, and meta tags to enhance user experience and improve the search ability for your service.
  • Maximize Search Engine Indexing: Our team will ensure that search engines can easily locate and crawl existing and new content across your website.  We create and regularly submit updated XML sitemaps to Google and Bing.
  • Site architecture and Linking Analysis: Our team audits the architecture of your website to eliminate internal linking problems and identify areas to improve. The end goal is maximum indexing of content on your company website while maintaining the experience for your visitors.
  • Multimedia content optimization: Our team will regularly optimize both static images and videos on your website to ensure that they can easily be indexed by search engines.

Off SIte

  • Local Citation Building – Most local businesses are targeting a geographic marketplace, citations are the best way to let Google know where you want you website to be viewed. Our team will build a strong base of local citations improving visibility of your name, address, phone, and website URL. This will improve the overall trust factor of your company in the search engine.
  • Social Media Optimization – Virtually all of our clients already have established social media pages. While this is a great start, almost every one of them lacked strong optimization around target keyword(s) and keyword phrase(s). Our team will optimize pre-existing social media pages and create new ones if required.
  • Content Creation: Regularly published new content is critical to the long-term success of your organic campaign.
  • Link Building Strategy – Backlinks to your site are still a very strong factor in the success of the overall organic search campaign. Our team will get the quality inbound links needed to boost your website for target keyword(s) and keyword phrase(s).
  • Video Targeting and Optimization –  Over the last 5 years, there has been a significant shift towards video content. We will optimize and rank videos as additional assets to support the overall campaign in Youtube and other video channels.