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Text Marketing

Cut through the noise and engage customers with Text marketing
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Text Marketing

Text Marketing is a marketing technique that requires you to send out coupons, announcements, special deals, current events, and all other important information to your clients through text messages. 

Simply put, text message marketing is a way of reaching your customers quickly, easily and directly using the short message system strategy.

A Few Samples of Text Marketing
Text 'Burger' to (619) 241-xxxx
Auto Shop
Text 'Wheels' to (712) 412-xxxx
Text 'Jessie' to (317) 581-xxxx
Text 'Cutters' to (318) 510-xxxx
Text 'HVAC' to (319) 234-xxxx
Text 'Beds' to (581) 519-xxxx
Constant Contact


Are you doing what’s best (with SMS)?

Be Timely. Be Unique. Be Personal.

Getting started with SMS text message marketing?
Use our checklist to see if your SMS campaign is the best it can be, and soon these best practices will be second nature. 
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Help your clients reach and engage more customers with SMS marketing.
Constant Contact has a new add-on available for purchase! Text message (SMS) marketing has been added as to help your clients connect with and engage their audience through targeted messaging. 
Ease of Use

Text messages are only a few words, meaning minimal effort for your clients and their customers.

High Engagement

People read text messages immediately—there is a 98% open rate for SMS Marketing.

Keeping it Personal

Text messaging is the most personal type of communication, which aids in building strong connections and loyalty

Collaborative Marketing

SMS blends smoothly with other forms of marketing done through Constant Contact, like email and social media.

SMS Pricing
*Note: At this time, SMS Marketing is only available to clients/users in the United States.
Max Msg/ MonthCost (USD) *
Few steps you need to take before you can start sending text messages

Register and get your Sending phone number

Collect SMS consent

Create a communication plan

Send messages regularly

Reach customers offline by adding text message marketing to your digital strategy

Broadcast your brand with JFT’s Text marketing tools

Our SMS software is ideal for grabbing customers’ attention. The perfect way to start your SMS strategy is with simple but effective VIP Club. Celebratory clubs are a great way to get started and to get the attention of the customers that already love your business. Build loyalty without raising costs by targeting your high spenders with exclusive pre-sale access, or re-engage one-time shoppers with unique discount codes. With smart link tracking, you can keep a close eye on the success of your text message marketing, and identify the segments or geo-locations most engaged with your SMS strategy.

Fill your business on slow days with great experiences and personalized invitations to your list.

Improve experiences with triggered SMS automation

Set up instant and timely text message automation in seconds using our intelligent omnichannel program builder. Add SMS as a channel to your existing automation programs to create targeted and relevant engagements. Recognize special events that your customers are celebrating and encourage them to stop by your locations to celebrate with a special. Continuous improvement is key for omnichannel automation. Welcome customers when they choose SMS as a marketing channel.

Enhance your marketing database by growing your SMS mailing lists

Kick-start your SMS marketing plans

You can now manage your SMS Marketing in house or use our do it for your campaigns. Text message marketing is the perfect channel to capture customers’ attention outside of the overcrowded inbox. Tap into customers’ preferences by offering SMS updates and communications in your preference center or using text-to-join GDPR compliant mailing lists. Data is a fundamental element of all marketing, so data collection through preference centers, landing pages, and forms are essential. Once you have phone numbers and consent, you’re good to start your SMS marketing strategy.

Spark timely conversations using JFT’s Text campaign tool

Reach customers on the go on their favorite device with text message marketing

Fast ROI
Sending SMS is a no-brainer thanks to immediate returns from engagement and click-throughs. 90% of people open a text message within 3 MINUTES.
Know exactly where your conversions are coming from and uncover your engaged SMS audience segments.
Email functionality in SMS
From building trust with branded ‘from’ names to split testing and dynamic replies, our SMS tools work just like email.
Omnichannel engagement
Create strong relationships with customers by including our in-house SMS tools in your marketing automations.
Exact Reach
Watch conversion rates soar by adopting an SMS marketing strategy that reaches the customers that love you quickly.
Dedicated short codes
Invite two-way conversations with your customers using dedicated short codes to encourage engagement.
Using SMS for Marketing

One very amazing thing about text message marketing is that it offers you the chance to be creative and flexible in your marketing messages. This means you can decide to engage your customers and prospects using different SMS strategies. Here are some effective ways to use SMS for marketing:

Birthday and anniversary celebrations

Everyone is looking for a good deal and where to save some few dollars. When sending your customers messages about your exclusive deals, make sure you make mention of coupons. This tactic will make your customer feel he/she is getting good value from your text messages and will always look forward to receiving them.

Use drip campaigns

Birthday and Anniversary celebrations is a great time to get a customer to come back to your business. Offering a special gift to celebrate, they are likely to bring people with them for the celebration that will also purchase items from your business.

Run polls

Creating a poll for your customers and subscribers will help you learn valuable information about your customer base and customer opinions. It will also help the customers feel more connected to your business as a part of the major decision-making processes. This type of engagement is healthy for sustaining your business and keeping your subscribers for as long as you are in business.

Introduce Contests

Sometimes coupons and small incentives are not enough to engage your customers. With SMS marketing you can engage your customers by offering them bigger rewards through contests on your sites. Simply send out text messages about these contests and include links to your site in your SMS.
Benefits of SMS Marketing

SMS marketing comes with a number of benefits that can help move your business forward. Here are some benefits of using this digital marketing technique:

It promises the best engagement rate

No other marketing medium has the type of engagement rate SMS marketing offers. While marketing emails can stay in people's inbox for several days before they are opened, researches have shown that more than 90% of all text messages are opened and read within the first few minutes of receiving them.
The fact that more than 95% of today's adults own mobile phones which do not require internet bundles to send and receive these short messages further shows that SMS marketing has the highest engagement rate ever seen.

Their platforms are easy to track

Most of the SMS services available today offer very trackable platforms. With text messages, you can easily manage your marketing campaigns directly from your desktop. Most modern text message marketing platforms do not have any software or app for you to download, which means you can handle everything straight from their dashboard.

Very interactive content

SMS marketing comes with the advantage of receiving fast responses from your prospects. You only need to include a link to a landing page or a reply button in your messages. This medium allows you to send short messages to your audience and prospects with a link that directs them to your site for more interaction.

Immediate delivery of messages

One other very important advantage of SMS marketing is that it gains relevant insight quickly. It is possible to set up a text message marketing campaign now and receive several hundreds of clicks and feedbacks within a couple of minutes.

Gives more room for customization

One other important benefit of SMS marketing is that it gives you the chance to customize and personalize your messages. You can address the recipient directly using words like "you" " your", etc.

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