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Citation Listings

Listings in directories gives your company credibility and quality backlinks.

Reputation Management

People searching for your business online, now consider online reviews equal to a personal referral from a friend. Take steps to control your reviews.

Video Marketing

Google owns YouTube, and any time a company uses multiple resources by Google it raises rankings in the search engines.


WHEN YOU REALIZE THAT BEING AT THE TOP OF GOOGLE MAKES A DIFFERENCE, Contact us. Click the video link below to learn more:


April 2015 Google changed their algorithm to require websites to be mobile friendly.


A website is not effective if it is not targeting the keywords that your potential client is searching.


Keep your relationship with your current clients, when they need your services again they remember your business.


Using Google tools wisely will help your potential clients find your business


Google wants to see fresh content added to websites, blogging is an easy way to keep your content fresh.


July 2018, Google changed their algorithm to require websites to load quickly, those that don't load quickly will loose their spots in the SEO rankings.


Social Media is now a requirement, but selecting the social media that your potential client is using is tricky.


Schema is a computer language that Google spiders love and will improve rankings.

What Is Needed for a Quality SEO Strategy:

Mobile Friendly
2015 Google’s algorithm changed to require websites to be “mobile friendly”. If the site did not match their requirements, they would be moved to a lower ranking. We are surprised how many websites do not pass the Google mobile test....
Website Speed
July 2015 Speed Matters Google will change the algorithim so speed will be an important part of SEO. There is a speed test site, click here. Enter your domain, select the city closes to you and then click on test....
Reputation Management
Reputation Management is the process of asking your clients to give you feedback for your service, but only directing those who give a 4 or 5 star to share them on your directories. This can be done with a sign...
Social Media
The world of social media continuously changes. It would be impossible to keep up with all of the different types. Each business should focus on the social platforms that their ideal client visits. Best done by selecting the age groups...
Email is still alive and it is a good way to stay in contact with your current client base. Keeping that relationship open so when they are in need of a service they think of you first. The important part...
Video Marketing
Video is a great optimization tool. Google owns YouTube and that helps in many different ways to get your message optimized faster. YouTube is the second most used search engine and more people would prefer getting their information via video...
It is said that 95{82b48e0ac82c8259e9c8004fcd9505a66a24b06cfcdff4031dbdaed4a4a3c80c} of messages sent by messenger are read, the best response currently given for any type of marketing. But also a more complicated process not only to set up all the follow up messages, but to...
This is such a broad term these days. It’s putting several platforms together to get noticed from different directions all for the purpose of convincing Google that your site has great information, people like to go to it and that...

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Creating a good base for your internet marketing:

Claim Directory Listings

Claiming your business directory listings adds credibility and backlinks for your business. Clients and Google likes both of these items.

Review and Video Marketing

A 5 star review is equivilant to a personal recommendation. Google owns Youtube, Google gives addt'l SEO when using a variety of their tools.

Social Media

It's important for each business to determine which social media their potential clients would connect with their services.


Google loves content, but the right content is important, let us help you determine the proper content.

Our Purpose As A Business:

Our purpose is to build local communities by helping local businesses through online marketing build their business so that there is a need to hire and train more local residents. As a business our desire as growth occurs is to hire veterans, create training opportunities for local youth, as well as create connections for business mentors and apprentice opportunities for youth and single parents.