Why Reputation Marketing Makes Financial Sense

One of the first and most difficult lessons new businesses learn is that, despite your best efforts, you can’t please everyone.

Eventually, an unfavorable review or comment will surface. And when this happens, a realization sets in. What people are saying about your business directly correlates to the bottom line. Sales can decrease, and momentum is lost. The only thing that is more frustrating is when the reputational damage is self-inflicted through fumbled rollouts, poorly constructed designs, mismanaged campaigns, or missed branding opportunities. Yet, many businesses don’t have a coherent marketing strategy for managing their reputation.

Marketing Solutions for Managing Business Reputations

Managing what people see when they research your business is what reputation marketing is all about. Sometimes this comes in the form of highly ranked reviews or articles. Other times it is down to the way a business presents itself – or even fails to present itself at all. A clear, well-designed reputation marketing strategy carefully mitigates the challenge of considering everything that makes up a business’s reputation. 

On-Page Reputation Marketing

One of the most proactive things a business can do is build its reputation by design. The art and science of website design is the most fundamental first step in business reputation marketing. A carefully designed website that accounts for UX, content, video, funnels, flow, and more will build trust, increase sales and contribute to a business’s reputation. It is one of the most crucial steps you can take to guard your business’s reputation and ensure its bottom line is not only protected but thriving.

Off-Page Reputation Marketing

Managing the reputation of a business beyond the face presented to the world through its website is more complex but achievable with a consistent strategy. Social media management, video creation, and strategic content placement are a few of the ways a business’s off-page reputation can build over time. What comes up first when someone is searching for your business? Where do you show up when they search for your products or services? Do campaigns, posts, and videos feel professional or amateurish? These all contribute to your business reputation and ultimately to sales.

If you want to learn more about how to manage your business’s reputation or find out how your business could benefit from our reputation marketing services, feel free to contact us or we can arrange a consultation!