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Chatbots through Facebook Messenger

We understand you want to get in front of more potential clients without having to sit by your computer all day or pay someone to sit by it all day just to send messages to them.

We have the answer – Chat bots are automatic and in front of the biggest crowd on line.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a software that communicates with your customer inside messaging apps like Facebook Messenger.

I’m not talking about AI or Machine Learning. Think of chatbots like email marketing, but through messaging apps.

What you need to know about facebook messenger:

  1. There is a higher open rate, studies have shown 80{82b48e0ac82c8259e9c8004fcd9505a66a24b06cfcdff4031dbdaed4a4a3c80c} open rate and 50{82b48e0ac82c8259e9c8004fcd9505a66a24b06cfcdff4031dbdaed4a4a3c80c} click rates in chatbot sequences.  It’s fun, novel and engaging.  The average email open rate is 20{82b48e0ac82c8259e9c8004fcd9505a66a24b06cfcdff4031dbdaed4a4a3c80c}.
  2. Bigger opportunity to gain subscribers.
  3. More opportunity to have a conversation with potential customers and close sales.
  4. More people are using messenger apps for their main communication.
  5. It’s an ideal way to educate and inform your potential customers.
  6. You have instant information about subscribers to your chatbot.

How Can Your Business Use Chatbots?

Lead generation -> Comments.

Set up your chatbot so that when someone leaves a comment on your page, they get a message.

Retargeting -> Ads

Retarget people who visit your site with a message and give them an incentive, discount, gift, etc.

Sales -> Live Chat

Set up a nurturing sequence and when they make it to the end of that sequence the chatbot notifies you to jump in live to complete the conversation.

How can you get subscribers to you chatbot?

10 Ways to Get Subscribers:

  1. Bar across the top of your website
  2. Slide in on your website
  3. Modal pop up
  4. Page Takeover
  5. Button
  6. Box
  7. Landing page
  8. Messenger Ref URL
  9. Facebook ads
  10. Facebook comments