Blog/Article Components

Each article you submit contains different components and sections. While some sections carry more weight than others; each section must be crafted with care and foresight. A truly great article can increase traffic to your website. An article is divided into the following sections:

Blog/Article Components

* Article Title
* Article Keywords
* Article Summary
* Article Body
* Article Resource Box

Success to Blog/Article Components

(1) Proof your Work: Credibility and expertise in your article’s subject matter can be diminished by typos or grammatical errors in any part of your article. Here’s a proofreading tip: Read your work out loud. Often times this will help you catch mistakes you missed while reading the article to yourself silently.
(2) Keep Your Audience in Mind: If you are writing an article on a technical topic, it’s fine to use technical terms, but be wary of alienating a wider target of readers with the information they may not be ready to understand or digest.
(3) Keep An Ace Up Your Sleeve: Always keep a tidbit of important information in reserve to make your readers want more. Remember, your article can generate traffic, so use the Resource Box to entice your readers to click on your website link.
(4) Be Clear & Concise in Your Writing: A 500-word article will always outperform a 1000 word article. You are writing for a medium that embraces instant gratification: the Internet. Keep your articles clear and concise, so the reader can quickly comprehend the quality content you are sharing.