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How Important Is a 5 Star Reputation?

Reputation Marketing became an important element to online marketing in June of 2013.  It was at this time that Google started suggesting reviews for all niches being searched.  Google decided that reviews would be more important than any other tool used with online marketing.

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Those using the search engines became serious about reviews, saying they would trust an online review as much as a personal referral.

If I don’t have a negative review that is good, right?

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Studies Show that as little as a half star improvement can increase your business

Berkley Study on Yelp reviews for restaurants, half star change can increase sales by 19{82b48e0ac82c8259e9c8004fcd9505a66a24b06cfcdff4031dbdaed4a4a3c80c}

Harvard Study on Yelp reviews showed a difference in 1 star can increase sales more than 9{82b48e0ac82c8259e9c8004fcd9505a66a24b06cfcdff4031dbdaed4a4a3c80c}

Volkswagon study showed that dealerships with average 4 star rating or higher get 32{82b48e0ac82c8259e9c8004fcd9505a66a24b06cfcdff4031dbdaed4a4a3c80c} more traffic than those with 2 stars and below.

Cornell University’s Hotel School showed a hotel could raise it’s price 11.2{82b48e0ac82c8259e9c8004fcd9505a66a24b06cfcdff4031dbdaed4a4a3c80c} with a 1 star higher rating and not affect sales.

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Other Review Tips

Range – Your reviews should be directed to multiple directories to help them be visible in different areas.

Real – Make sure the reviews are from your customers, keep it real or you could be banned from Google.

Recent – More recent reviews weigh heavier in the search engines.  Keep your clients/ patients actively reviewing often.

Quantity – The goal would be to have 2-8 clients/patients share a review each week.

Quality – 5 star reviews are the goal, but it is ok if a 4 star sneaks in their once in a while, don’t panic, it helps your company look human.

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